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Ten years ago, unassuming scientist Kevin paused his Physics PhD to pursue a career in magic – being tutored by none other than industry royalty Penn & Teller.

In December, Kevin will make his London debut with a huge magic show at the Clapham Grand.

Kevin is most likely the only person on the planet to have reached the elusive 10,000 hours needed to make you an expert in both Science and Magic. He’s also one of a very few people that counts quantum physics as a hobby. Kevin has thrived in the world of illusion, shooting magic into the 21st Century and applying a rigour to the world of mystery with enigmatic results. He explores the exotic space where science ends and magic begins.

His 2016 solo show ‘Illuminations’ sold over 5,000 tickets at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; showcasing stunning light based illusions including creating fire in his palms, projecting audience member’s thoughts using smartphones and producing a rainbow live on stage. Kevin has designed state of the art tricks and fused them with mind-blowing science. The results are extraordinary. He then took this show to the Adelaide Fringe Festival where he received multiple 5 star reviews, and an ‘Adelaide Weekly Award’ for Best Magic.

This year, he went back to the Gilded Balloon’s Debating Hall with ‘Anti-Gravity’ and a brand new comedy-sketch-magic show at Underbelly called ‘And For My Next Trick’. Anti Gravity consisted of incredible levitation techniques and was so successful, he’s heading back to Adelaide with it next year.

Kevin is also the founder and Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Magic Festival – the UK’s largest magic event. As well as this, he has appeared in BBC documentaries (“Titanic“, “Dissection“), consulted for the National Theatre of Scotland and broken a Guinness World Record. He was the first magician to perform a magic act at the Globe Theatre in London, and has produced some of the most inventive performance magic formats in recent years (“The Secret Room“, “Tower of Illusion“, “Magic a la carte“). He has also had much recent success with magic-comedy-sketch-group “The Colour Ham” (two times nominees at Scottish Comedy Awards).

As magic creatures go, Kevin fits somewhere between Gandalf and Brian Cox is the closest thing to real magic a believer or cynic will ever find at the Fringe.

Channel 7, Australia feature on Kevin Quantum:

In December, Kevin will make his London debut with 'Quantum Magic' at the Clapham Grand.


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